Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A Christmas Visitor- Thomas Kinkade

# of book read so far this year: This was the first book I finished in the month of December.
Title: A Christmas Visitor
Author: Thomas Kinkade
Year Published: 2007
Rating (1-10): 6
Date Finished: 12/3/07
Genre: Inspirational fiction
# of pages: 249
Number in Series: #8 in the Cape Light Series
Where did the book come from: I checked it out from the library.
Why I read it: I have really been enjoying this series....this is the latest book in the series....it's brand new and it just hit the shelves in October 2007.
Blurb (story line): Several things happen in this book: Molly Willoughby announces that her and her husband, Matt are expecting a baby. Miranda Potter finds an man laying unconscious one day when she's out walking. When he wakes up, he can't remember anything. Miranda and her grandmother, invite him (they call him Adam) to stay with them. Miranda and Adam become friends, and even develop feelings for each other. Eventually, Adam's fiancee finds him, and he leaves the Potters house. He comes back to Molly on New Years, while she is home alone. When he came back, he had miracuously regained all of his memory back. He is a cab driver and a writer. He came to Boston for a meeting with his agent, and was mugged and attacked in the train stations, which caused his amnesia. He jumped off a train and landed in the Potter's Orchard. The other story is about a mysterios angel that The Reverend finds in a box, and decides to display for the Christmas Holiday. After Carl's hand is Miraculously healed, people start to think that the angel has special powers, and it causes quite commotion around the church. There was also a very special story involving this Angel. The Angel was donated by this women, Leah Marie, who had gotten it from a church in France when that shurch was bombed. Her and her boyfriend had been in the church when it was bombed and they survived. And one of the only other things that had survived was this wooden Angel. The boyfriend and his family ended up leaving France and he and Leah Marie never saw each other again. He missed her terribly. Because Leah Marie had been in the church just a rew days before her boyfriend, Reverend Lewis was able to bring them back together. The Angel's magical powers also help the Reverend's wife, Carolyn be able to play the piano as she did before her stroke.
My personal thoughts and comments: Some of the stories were interesting, but this really wasn't one of my favorite books out of the series. However, I really do enjoy this series, and I'm kind of sad that I'm done with the series until new books come out. I've been trying to do some research online to look for information on future books that might be coming out, but so far I haven't been able to find anything. After the holidays, I plan to start Jan Karon's Mitford Series, which I'm told is a lot like the Cape Light Series. I think I will look for some other series that also have a similar theme.

A Christmas To Remember- Thomas Kinkade

# of book read so far this year: 11th in the month of November
Title: A Christmas To Remember
Author: Thomas Kinkade
Year Published: 2006
Rating (1-10): 10
Date Finished: 11/30/07
Genre: Inspirational Fiction
# of pages: 248
Number in Series: 7
Where did the book come from: checked out from the library
Why I read it: I LOVE this series and have really enjoyed all the other books before this one.
Blurb (story line): While laid up in bed, Lillian Warwick starts reflecting on the time when she fell in love with her husband Oliver, back in 1955. The book switched back and forth between 1955 and present-day. It told the story of how Lillian and Oliver met all the way up until he proposed to her. Her parents thought he wasn't good enough for her and disowned her once she got together with him. In the Present Day in Cape Light, Lucy Bates is struggling to get through Nursing School, and Sarah and Luke finally get married.
My personal thoughts and comments: I really enjoyed this book, hearing the story of how Lillian and Oliver met almost made me see Lillian in a different way...though I'm surprised that after what her parents did to her, she was so adamant in her feelings against Emily's first marriage (Sarah's father) and Sarah's relationship with Luke. I would've also liked to have heard more about Lillian and Oliver after they were married, and even when Jessica and Emily were children, and also the scandal which forced the family to move out of Lilac Hall.