Friday, October 31, 2008

Just Breathe by Susan Wiggs

BLURB: Sarah Moon is a creator of a comic Strip called Just Breathe. She is pretty happy with her life with her husband Jack, despite the fact that they are having a difficult time getting pregnant. She comes home one day to find him in bed with another woman, and returns to her hometown, Glenmuir. Glenmuir is a fictional town based on the Marin area in Northern California. Soon after she arrives in Glenmuir, Sarah finds out she is pregnant, and later finds out she is expecting twins. She gets her life back on track, and meets friends, and even starts going to a support group for divorced people. She even becomes friends with a guy named Will Bonner, who she went to highschool with. They soon fall in love, and end up getting married. Will has custody of his stepdaughter, Aurora, who is entering those tough teenage years, and is beginning to have questions about her real mother. But, throughout the book Aurora and Sarah have a great friendship. And despite some tension when Aurora realizes Sarah and Will love each other, Sarah and Aurora manage to stay friends and keep the friendship strong.
My thoughts: I LOVED this book...I've loved all Susan Wiggs books I've read so far and can't wait to read more. My only complaint was that this book ended. I would've loved to have read further. And throughout this book I kept thinking how it would be a great movie.
I think my favorite character was Sarah. She sure had a lot on her plate, yet she managed to survive and deal with it all. I did expect her to get pregnant after moving to Glenmuir, but I expected it to come much sooner than it did, and I was definitely NOT expecting twins.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Catching up

I realized that I haven't posted anything in over a month!! I hate that so I wanted to try and catch up.

Since my last post, I've read the next two books in Karen Kingsbury's Firstborn Series. They were called Forgiven and Found. Both were really good stories. Forgiven focused on Dayne Matthews finding out more about his birth family. It also focused alot of Katy and the Christian Kids Theater. One night after one of their productions, there is a horrible accident which ended up being fatal, and resulted in two of the kids being killed in the accident. All of the kids at the Christian Kids theater took it really hard, but pulled through together with lots of prayer. They realized they should forgive the other driver, and try to move on and honor those two kids.

Ashley and Landon also find out they are expecting a child.

In found, Ashley gives birth during a horrible tornado to a little boy. The Baxters have another family reunion. Luke and Regan adopt a little girl, Malin. Hayley actually surprises everyone by taking her first steps without a walker since the accident. John Baxter also finds out who his first son really is. At first he thinks that Dayne wants nothing to do with him, after talking to Dayne's agent, which really isn't the case. And all this time Dayne is wondering about his parents. Finally, after John tries one last time to contact Dayne, he is successful and they meet in the park. Now, John must find a way to tell the other kids that they have another brother.

Next, I read Multiple Blessings: Surviving to Thriving with Twins and Sextuplets by John and Kate Gosselin, who are featured on TLC's John & Kate Plus 8. I love this show and tune in every week, and this book was GREAT!!! I only wish they wouldn't have ended it so early.....the kids were still young at the end of this book. Hopefully that means they'll write another book in the future.

I read Hold Tight by Harlan Coben. This book was about a 16 year old who's best friend committed Suicide, so his parents installed some spyware on his computer to monitor the websites he visited. This book was actually pretty disappointing so I ended up skipping alot of parts and skimming the rest.

I have also started the next book in the Firstborn Series, Family. I hope to finish that soon also.