Friday, September 5, 2008

8 Sandpiper Way by Debbie Macomber

# of book read so far this year: 47

Title: 8 Sandpiper Way

Author: Debbie Macomber

Date Finished: 9/3/2008

Genre: Romance

# of pages: 371

Series: Cedar Cove Series
blurb: Pastor Dave Flemming's Wife thinks he's cheating on her when she finds a pair of diamond earrings in his coat pocket. He had been visiting Martha regularly when she passed away. She told him she wanted him to have her watch, but there is no paperwork to prove it. Then, Martha's daughters report some jewelry missing. Sheriff Troy Davis and Detective Roy McAfee some investigating and find the missing jewelry. Olivia is dealing with her Breast Cancer, and is getting ready to start Chemotherapy. Terri Polgar is expecting Triplets!!! Troy's old girlfriend, Faith, is back in town. I think they're both still attracted to each other, but neither wants to admit. Megan really likes Faith and thinks they should start Dating. Little does Megan know, she's part of the reason they broke up before. Tanni and Shaw find a skeleton in this cave that they found. Around the same time James, Bobby Polgar's Driver went missing, after the truth about his identity and real name, were revealed in a newspaper article. I think the skeleton in the cave is James and that he committed suicide.
personal thoughts/opinions: I liked this book a lot better than the last book in the series. I didn't like some of the characters though. My least favorite were Linnette McAfee, and Christie, Terri's Sister.
What did you like best about the book? getting to hear about all the characters again. I also thought it was clever how she connected this series with the Dakota Series....Linnette is Living in Buffalo Valley, which is where those books are set. Debbie even mentioned some of the characters in that series, like Hassie Knight and a couple others.
What didn’t you like about the book? The characters I mentioned above.
why you read it? I've read ALL the books in this series and I'm eagerly awaiting the next one! This time I only have to wait 2 months for the Christmas In Cedar Cove to be released!! I can't wait!!!
Was this book recommended to you or did you find it on your own? I had found this series on my own a long time ago when I was looking on amazon for books. I used to look at that website all the time and find books that I had read, and then go to the "people who liked this book also liked" section. Thats how I originally found out about the Cedar Cove Series. When I found the series, only the first 3 books had been written.
Would you recommend it to others? definitely!!
Do you want to read more books by this author? yes I sure will!!
Does it remind you of other books you’ve already read? not really
Did you find it hard to stay interested in this book? not at all....I just didn't have much time to read, so it took me a little longer to finish than I thought it would.
Was this book what you expected? yes
What book are you planning to read next? I'm currently reading Sweet Talk by Susan Mallery.

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