Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Chesapeake Shores Characters

Nell- Matriarch- has three sons- Mick, Thomas, and Jeff

Dillon O'Malley- Lives in Ireland, Nell's old flame

Moira- Dillon's granddaughter, Married to Luke

Thomas O'Brien

Connie O'Brien- Married to Thomas, they have one son together, she has a daughter from a previous marriage, Jenny.

Jenny- Married to Caleb

Mick- Married to Meg. Architect, created the town of Chesapeake Shores They have 5 kids Abby, Bree, Jess, Connor, and Kevin

Meg- Owns the art gallery

Connor- Lawyer, married to Heather

Heather- owns Quilt shop

Bree- owns Flowers on Main, married to Jake

Jake- also Connie's brother

Jess- owns The Inn At Eagle Point

Kevin- married to Shanna

Shanna O'Brien- owns bookstore, adopted her stepson Henry from a previous relationship

Abby Married to Trace- has two children from previous relationship, twins

Jeff- Married to Jo O'Brien Runs a real estate management company  Kids are Luke, Matthew, Susie

Jo- teacher, women's track coach

Luke- Married to Moira, opens an Irish Pub in Chesapeake Shores

Matthew- Architect, Married to Laila

Susie- Married to Mack

Will- Shrink

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