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A lady in my Robyn Carr bookgroup wrote this list and was nice enough to share, so I thought I'd post it in here for safekeeping. That's the thing with series, sometimes it's hard to keep track of who's who. Looking back through my entries I made a list for Grace Valley (Robyn Carr) and Lakeshore Series (Susan Wiggs) but surprisingly enough I never made one for Virgin River. Again, I didn't write this, so I can't take any credit for it. I'm just putting it in here so I'll be able to find it when I need to.




Melinda (Mel) Monroe – nurse practitioner, widow (Mark, dec.) Worked with Doc Mullins. She is formerly from CA.

Jack Sheridan – owns Jack’s Bar – former marine

Children: Davy and Emma

John (Preacher) Middleton – cook in Jack’s Bar – former marine

Paige – ran away from ex Wes

Children: Christopher and Dana

Budd – her brother; bossy

Vanessa (Vanni) Rutledge – husband Matt killed in Bagdad

Paul Haggerty – Matt’s best friend

Children: Little Matt and Hannah (adopted from Paul’s friend Teri; dec.)

Walt Booth – Vanni’s dad; retired general; dates Muriel St. Claire; actress

Tommy – Vanni’s brother

North, Stan and Mitch – Paul’s brothers

Nikki Jorgensen – Vanni’s best friend

Carol and Lance – Matt’s parents. Cold people. Tried to fix Vanni up with


Marianne and Stan – Paul’s parents.

Mike Venezula – former marine, former LAPD, now police officer for Virgin


Brie Sheridan – 30 yrs old. Jack’s sister. County DA, ex: Brad cheated on her with her best friend, Christine who is married to Glenn

Children: Ness

Luke Riordan – 36 yrs old. Retired from army; fixed up house and cabins that he recently purchased.

Shelby – Walt’s niece. Took care of mom for 25 years until she died.

Children: Brett Lucas

Luke’s brothers: Colin, Aiden, Sean and Patrick

Cameron – doctor

Abby – Nikki and Vanni’s friend. Her ex Ross is a rock star and left her right after the marriage.

Children: Julia and Justin (twins)

Joe Benson – designs houses for Haggerty Construction. He is Paul’s friend from Marine Corps.

Nikki Jorgensen – Vanni’s best friend.

Children: none so far.

Aiden Riordan – Luke’s brother. Navy med school.

Erin Foley – lawyer

Children: none so far.

Marcie – Erin’s sister.

Dewey – their brother

Marcie Foley; widow of Bobby (dec.)

Ian Bucannan

Children: Heath

Joey – Mel Sheridan’s sister

Bill – her husband

They live in Colorado

Hope McCrea -- elderly lady; deals in real estate; knows everything and


Doc Mullins – worked with Mel Sheridan at clinic. He died (Temptation Ridge); left clinic and his money to Mel.

Sam – Jack Sheridan’s father. Lives in Sacramento

His children:

Jack Sheridan – owns Jack’s Bar; married to Mel.

Jeanne – 43 yrs. CPA; married to a developer.

Donna – 45 yrs. College professor; married to a professor.

Mary – 37 yrs. Commercial airline pilot. Married to a real estate broker.

Ricky – joined Marines. (later called Rick).

Lydie Sudder – his grandma.

Liz – Ricky’s girlfriend. Was pregnant with his child (stillborn)

Rick lost a leg. Now goes to college. Will work with Paul and Dan Brady will be his supervisor.

Connie and Ron – own corner store.

Liz – Connie’s niece.

Connie had bypass surgery.

Joy and Bruce – Connie’s friend

Carrie and Fish Bristol

Doug and Sue Carpenter

Charmaine – waitress in Clear River. Divorced; mother of two.

Harv – lineman for phone company.

Buck Anderson – sheep rancher

Lily – had baby Chloe; left her at Mel’s for Mel to take care of her. Lily died of breast cancer.

Jo and Nick Fitch – rented rooms to Ellie Baldwin – former stripper.

Jo cannot conceived; got close to Ellie’s children.

Darryl and Polly Fishburn – Mel delivered Polly’s baby

Nick and Jo Ellen

June and Jim Hudson (Grace Valley)

June – doctor

Jim – retired law enforcement.

Children: Jamie

June and Jim Hudson’s friends from Grace Valley:

John and Sue Stone (Grace Valley)

Sue – nurse; is June’s friend

Children: Sydney – 7 yrs

baby boy

Anne and Jeremy Givens

Juliana and Mike Dickson

Tommy Rutledge – Vanni’s younger brother. 18 yrs old. Going to basic

Training then to West Point for four years.

Brenda – his girlfriend

Dan Brady (Shady Brady) – worked in construction at 18. Marines at 25. Works for Paul Haggerty. Saved Jack from fire. Has artificial leg, which he showed Rick. Dates Cheryl

Noah Kincaid – minister

Ellie Baldwin – former stripper. Worked for Noah and fell in love. Rents rooms from Jo and Nick Fitch.

Children: Danielle – 8 yrs. Trevor – 4 yrs.

Maureen Riordan – mother to the Riordan boys: Luke, Colin, Aiden, Sean and Patrick.

George – teacher; loves Maureen

Maureen sold condo and will travel with George in his RV.

Drew Foley – brother of Marcie and Erin; med school resident at UCLA.

Sunny Archer – photographer; visiting her Uncle Nate in Virgin River


Clay Tahoma – new to Virgin River. Originally from Flagstaff and the Navajo nation. Lately from LA, CA. Works for Nate Jensen.

Isabel – Clay’s ex

Gabe – Clay’s son

Ursula – Clay’s sister

Tom Toopeek – Ursula’s husband. Police Chief in Grace Valley. They have five children.

Lilly Yazhi – Hope Indian. Works in her grandfather Yaz’s fed store. She delivers feed.

Dane – Lilly’s good friend

Jillian and Kelly Matlock – rents one of Luke’s cabins for their vacation, along with their friends Penny and Jackie.

Kelly is a sous chef in San Fran.

Penny – works in Public Relations

Jackie – political analyst

Jillian (Jill) – Vice President in a software company

Denny Cutler – discharged from Marines….came to Virgin River to find his real father.

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